This service is to overhaul your 450cc motocross engine with a Mitaka rebuild kit. During the process your engine is stripped, cleaned and looked over for damage. The price includes labour and all parts listed below. With the 4 stroke engine its hard to say what parts it will need without the engine being checked over first. If you are looking for peice of mind, especially if you dont know when any of the parts were last changed, select the full rebuild option. 


Basic Rebuild Option:


- Mitaka Piston

- Mitaka Gasket kit

- Mitaka Seal kit


Full Rebuild Option:


- Mitaka piston

- Mitaka con rod

- Mitaka intake and exhaust valve and spring kit (Stainless steel)

- Mitaka cam chain

- Koya main bearings

- Mitaka gaskets and seals


During full rebuild crankshaft is rebuild and trued to under 0.02mm and valve seats are machine cut.


Please keep in mind that other parts may need replaced or repaired, these could include your cylinder, clutch components, transmission bearings or gears.


Please note Mitaka Parts are often not available for the KTM 450.

450cc Mitaka Engine Rebuild

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