HGS Exhaust Honda CRF250 2004-2019

HGS Exhausts are used by champion riders to increase performance in all types of track conditions. This high quality made exhaust provides an increase in performance in the mid range of engine RPM speeds. As a Dutch manufacturer HGS are very conscious of high running temperatures due to the infamous sand tracks of Holland. HGS are continually working towards maximum performance.

*Stainless steel
*Stainless steel & titanium silencer (new for 2010-2012 top power for racers)
*Stainless steel & carbon end cap (top seller)
*titanium & carbon end cap

PICTURED. top silencer is the high performance light weight titanium silencer and the bottom silencer is the very trick alloy silencer with carbon end cap.


HGS will give tuners and distributors the option to have there company name or logo stamped in the pipe,to name a few RR,MXW,ZA,JR,EHR,BUD.
There is NO difference between these exhausts, except another name having been stamped on it. While we are happy that all customers may choose to buy a hgs with a extra logo on it,we wish to ensure its for that reason and not because you have been mislead by another seller suggesting a higher performance.

HGS Exhaust Honda CRF250 2004-2019

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